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Eric Balash

Manager, Data Visualization
Lovelytics (USA)
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Back 2 Viz Basics: A Tableau Community Project

Wherever you’re at in your data visualization journey, Back 2 Viz Basics is here to help you hone in on what really matters—a solid foundation. Foundational data visualization skills are important to learn because they’re cross-functional – they can be used in any role in any industry, both personally and professionally. Designed for Tableau newbies but open to all skill levels, this community project will give you the essential tools to start practicing and improving your Tableau skills.


Eric Balash is a graduate of Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he received his Bachelor’s of Science in Health Management Systems and a minor in Information Systems Management in May 2017.

He is passionate about data visualization and providing analytical insights that help improve experiences for data providers and consumers. His overall career goals are to positively impact the lives of individuals through technology and to help data consumers do more with their data. He currently works as a the Manager of the Data Visualization Team at Lovelytics in the DC Metro area.