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Alex Lajtos

Market and Data Analyst
Hatch Blue (NO)
In-person · English talk

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Aesthetics & Analytics: Do we need nice charts?

We humans love to look at nice things. Staring at a painting’s harmonic colors or looking at the symmetry of leaves on a tree often make us wonder or fill us with joy. In data-land, we always emphasize effectiveness and functionality, but just how important is the looks of our analytics? Do we need aesthetic dashboards or harmonic looking charts, and if yes how can we achieve good results without spending too much time on it? The presentation aims to answer these questions and discuss the role of color, shape, and composition in analytics through a series of examples and the presenter’s experiences regarding the topic.


Alex Lajtos is a Business Intelligence Consultant and Data Analyst, focusing mostly on data visualization and the concept of actionable insights in the field of analytics. After finishing his economics studies, he started his data career in consulting, where he became familiar with the fundamentals of databases, data modeling, and data visualization, mostly through Tableau, Power BI, MicroStrategy and several other leading analytics tools. Since early 2022, Alex has been working for a young, rapidly rising Norwegian company, where he takes on the challenge to use data and analytics to support the growth of a sustainable aquaculture industry.