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About the conference

The Budapest BI Forum is a vendor-independent business intelligence and analytics conference in Hungary.

The conference offers keynotes, technical talks and case studies focusing on BI, data visualization, data analytics and data-driven business.The planned program is available here.

The event will be held in a hybrid format so the audience can participate either in person or remotely. The in-person part of the conference will be hosted at the 4-star Hotel Mercure Budapest Castle Hill.

Explore Budapest

The Budapest BI Forum will be held in the charming capital of Hungary. Discover more of the sights and opportunities what Budapest offers.

Call for presentations

The CFP submission deadline expired on September 25, 2022. However, the Program Committee may, on a case-by-case basis, accept late applications for a few days, more detalis available here.

New speakers

2022-09-23 Ben Ferry (Power BI), Krisztián Szabó (Dataviz)
2022-09-22 Patrick Sarsfield (Tableau), Alex Lajtos (Dataviz)
2022-09-21 Bridget Cogley (Dataviz),
Tom Martens (Power BI)

Key topics

The conference will offer case studies, best practices presentations and technical talks on various open source and commercial data analytics and data visualization solutions. You can read about the detailed program here.

 Data-driven Business

Data Literacy

Data Analytics

Self-service BI


Power BI, Tableau

Data Storytelling

Python, R

The schedule will consist of invited talks and presentations submitted to our open CFP.
The program is managed by the Program Committee. We plan both English and Hungarian tracks. 

Agenda overview

Tuesday (November 15)
Tutorial day





Wednesday (November 16)
First day of the conference
in-person + streaming


Track presentations

Track presentations

Track presentations

Thursday (November 17)
Second day of the conference
online only

Track presentations

Track presentations

Track presentations

Closing Plenary


Keynote speakers

Zoltán Prekopcsák


Zoltán Prekopcsák

VP Strategy & Analytics
Prezi (HU)

The present and future of data @ Prezi
Balázs Szakács


Balázs Szakács

Senior Director of Data Science and Analytics, Prezi (HU)

The present and future of data @ Prezi
<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/en/speakers/dr-jurgen-faisst/">Dr. Jürgen Faisst</a>


Dr. Jürgen Faisst

IBCS Institute (DE)

<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/hu/eloadok/arato-bence/">Bence Arató</a>


Bence Arató

BI Consulting (HU)

<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/hu/eloadok/sztipity-robert/">Róbert Sztípity</a>


Róbert Sztípity

BioTechUSA (HU)

<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/en/speakers/ben-ferry/">Ben Ferry</a>


Ben Ferry

Independent (DE)

<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/en/speakers/tom-martens/">Tom Martens</a>


Tom Martens

Munich Re (DE)

<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/en/speakers/markus-ehrenmueller-jensen/">Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen</a>


<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/en/speakers/mihaly-kavasi/">Mihály Kávási </a>


Mihály Kávási

Avanade (UK)

<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/en/speakers/nikola-ilic/">Nikola Ilic</a>


Nikola Ilic

Independent (AT)

<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/hu/eloadok/hayth-peter/">Péter Hayth</a>


Péter Hayth

Invitech ICT Services (HU)

<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/en/speakers/heidi-kalbe/">Heidi Kalbe</a>


Heidi Kalbe

Woodmark Consulting (DE)

<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/en/speakers/eric-balash/">Eric Balash</a>


Eric Balash

Lovelytics (USA)

<b><a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/en/speakers/patrick-sarsfield/">Patrick Sarsfield</a></b>


<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/en/speakers/sarah-bartlett/">Sarah Bartlett</a>


Sarah Bartlett

Red Hat (UK)

<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/en/speakers/jared-flores/">Jared Flores</a>


Jared Flores

Analytic Vizion (USA)

<b><a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/en/speakers/lilla-rasztik/">Lilla Rasztik </a></b>


<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/en/speakers/neil-richards/">Neil Richards</a>


<b><a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/en/speakers/norbert-borbas/">Norbert Borbás </a></b>


Norbert Borbás

Telefónica Global Roaming (DE)

Data visualization track

Read more about the track here

<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/en/speakers/bridget-cogley/">Bridget Cogley</a>


Bridget Cogley

Versalytix (USA)

<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/hu/eloadok/fusz-matyas/">Mátyás Fusz</a>


Mátyás Fusz

Magyar Képzőművészeti Egyetem (HU)

<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/en/speakers/alex-lajtos/">Alex Lajtos</a>


Alex Lajtos

Hatch Blue (NO)

<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/hu/eloadok/minko-mihaly/">Mihály Minkó</a>


Mihály Minkó

Dataviz Ltd. (HU)

<a href="https://budapestbi.hu/2022/en/speakers/krisztian-szabo/">Krisztián Szabó</a>


Krisztián Szabó

Átlátszó, ATLO (HU)

<i>Coming soon</i>


Coming soon


International registration is now open!

The first day of the conference is held in-person in Budapest (talks are also streamed),
the second day of the conference will be online. The Tutorial day will be an in-person only event.
Please note that all tutorials will be in Hungarian.

Ticket types First Minute
until August 31
Early Bird
until September 30
Standard prices
Hybrid ticket
(Day 1: in-person and Day 2: online)
230 EUR 260 EUR 325 EUR
Online ticket
(Online access for both days)
175 EUR 200 EUR 250 EUR
All inclusive: Tutorial day + Hybrid ticket 
(Tutorial day + Day 1: in-person and Day 2: online)
370 EUR 420 EUR 525 EUR
All inclusive: Tutorial day + Online ticket 
(Tutorial day + Online access for both days)
315 EUR 360 EUR 450 EUR
Prices are per person and do not include 27% VAT. All prices are subject to change. 

The online registration form is available here.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at regisztracio@budapestbi.hu.