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István Korompai

Data Visualization Expert
Starschema (HU)
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In-person · English talk

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Analog Data Art – Our take on the Dear Nightingale challenge

This talk tells the story of their most recent collaborative experimentation with what they have seen referred to as “analog data art” or “handmade data objects” – in other words: physical data visualization.

Their team of three at Starschema decided to participate in the Dear Nightingale challenge, which was published in the first issue of the Data Visualization Society’s Nightingale magazine. Born out of Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec’s delightful Dear Data project, the challenge called for vizzes focused on personal details, created in physical form — and no drawing allowed.


Istvan Korompai is a data visualization expert at Starschema. He builds dashboards for Fortune 500 clients and trains their employees to do the same.