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Augustin Dokoza Bukvic

Director Analytics CoE
Thrasio (DE)
LinkedIn · Twitter · thepowerinsights.com
In-person · English talk

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Power BI, good, bad and ugly

We all create reports every day, and while dealing with it full time we can simply not recognize some common mistakes that we are making. This session will disclose the most common ones and provide you with the techniques how to avoid them when creating your Power BI enterprise reports. Guiding you through all the common pitfalls all the way from data ingestion, modeling to data visualization.

With common pitfalls, there are also best practices to follow. This session guides you through the main roadblocks and gives you some useful tips and tricks to help you create stunning enterprise reports that will be performant and pleasant to use.


Augustin is an Analytics Architect, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Speaker, and Power Platform User Group Stuttgart founder and leader.
Working as a Director Analytics CoE and a Solution Architect with the main focus on reporting tools.
Working with Power BI since the public preview version and delivered multiple large-scale enterprise analytics projects for Fortune 500 companies. Passionate about data culture and governance.
Working at Thrasio as a Director Analytics Center of Enablement.