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Heidi Kalbe

Senior Consultant
Woodmark Consulting (DE)
LinkedIn · Twitter · queenofdata.net
In-person · English talk

Tableau Tips and Tricks For All Skill Levels

Can you learn twenty new Tableau hacks in just twenty minutes? Heidi will do her best to show you the little things that will make you go “Oh, I didn’t know this trick!” and save you a few seconds every day.


When Heidi Kalbe first got in touch with Tableau as a software developer back in 2017, she knew at once that this was the tool for her. Turning passion into profession, she started working as a consultant in business intelligence and visual analytics. Since then, she has brought that same enthusiasm to numerous client projects and to trainings for hundreds of new and experienced Tableau users. She liberally shares her expertise with users all over the world through guest sessions at countless user groups, the occasional conference presentation, and through her blog. Heidi is a 2020 Tableau Ambassador.

As founder and co-leader of Data+Women Germany, Heidi has made it her mission to promote and improve diversity in the data community. In her current role as Senior Consultant at Woodmark Consulting AG, Heidi does what she does best: inspire others with her passion for a company-wide analytics culture.

The only thing Heidi loves more than Tableau are alpacas.