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Mihály Kávási

Group Manager
Avanade (UK)
LinkedIn · Twitter · selfservicebi.co.uk
In-person · English talk

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Learnings from Multinational Governance projects

Governance is a quickly emerging and contentious discussion topic among IT managers and business leaders.

One of the main problems with governance that there isn’t a clear way to think about it in this new self-service BI world.
Implementing good governance is not a one-time task, but a constantly evolving journey that IT and business need to embark on together.
I will bring you some learnings from multiple governance projects with large multinational companies.

  • What are the goals and outcomes to focus on?
  • How to align governance to your organizational culture?
  • What are the constraints?
  • Examples how to translate general recommendations to concrete implementable steps?

After this session you will be able to have more productive discussions about governance initiatives within your organization.
Because governance is a huge topic I will only dive into details of a few topics, but feel free to ask me anything during or after the conference.


Mihály Kávási coming from Business he is on his way to be an expert in the field of Data Analysis and Business Analysis. His main career interest is to become a real good connector between IT and Business and between raw data and actionable insights.

He would like to show that using technology well can provide huge business and social value without spending too much on it. He views himself as a Self-Service BI evangelist.

Recently he has become with Fast Track Recognized Solution Architect for Power Platform recognized by Microsoft for which he is extremely grateful.

Topic coming soon.