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Marc Skov Madsen

Lead Trading Analyst
Ørsted (DK)
LinkedIn · Twitter · datamodelsanalytics.com
Online · English talk

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Python Data Apps – Running in the browser

Data app frameworks enables you to explore your data and models interactively and share them with the world. It’s a super power for you and your team. In Python there are many hugely popular frameworks. They give you access to all the Python packages you already know and love. The most popular are Dash, Gradio, Panel, Streamlit and Voila. They sit somewhere in between BI tools like Power BI and Tableau and full blown web frameworks like React.

In this talk I will introduce you to Panel and show you why it’s a good choice for your next data app in Python. I will also demonstrate how easy it is, to share your data app with your colleagues or the world. NO SERVER REQUIRED.


Marc Skov Madsen is a domain expert in data, models and analytics applying methods from mathematics, statistics, physics, business intelligence, system development, DevOps, financial analysis, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation and robotics.

He’s been working with asset management of financial and physical assets for +15 years in the financial and energy sectors. He’s worked within analysis, modelling, innovation, business development, trading, operation, finance and risk management.