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Jared Flores

Solutions Architect
Analytic Vizion (USA)
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Online · English talk

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Step into Prep

Data needs to be clean and useable before we can start visualizing it and extracting insights. Tableau Prep helps you combine, transform, and validate your data before bringing it into your BI tool. This presentation will help you gain an understanding of why you should prepare your data and how to jump into Tableau Prep.


Jared Flores began his career at IBM working his way up the ladder in the world of Data Center Inventory Operations. Everything changed when he was put into a management position and discovered the true power of data.

He started using Tableau with some very rough and unpolished skills and started absorbing knowledge through every book and forum he could find. He realized the importance of data preparation in his Tableau journey, discovering Tableau Prep and becoming even more passionate about helping people understand their data structure to empower analysis.

He recently completed a self-challenge, working through all of the #PreppinData challenges in 100 days and was honored to receive the 2022 PrepStar Tableau Community award. Although there is a wealth of resources out there, he wants to do his part in helping others take their data passion and creativity to the next level.

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