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Norbert Borbás

Data Analyst
Telefónica Global Roaming (DE)
LinkedIn · Twitter · Tableau Public
In-person · English talk

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Kick off your Tableau portfolio with Maps

Ever wondered how you can find inspiration for a data visualization project? Do you want to create something interesting that people can engage with? A well-designed map can do the trick. But what about the data? Good news that you don’t have to look so far. Usually a lot of data is around us, even maybe we are the ones generating it. Furthermore, you can also join a Community Challenge anytime. In this talk, you will get an introduction to the world of maps in Tableau from the basic software functions to some very cool visualizations created by the Tableau Community in order to get inspired for starting your own journey.


Norbert Borbás is a Business & Data Analyst with a focus on dashboard development in Tableau and consultancy to business stakeholders. He is passionate about the data analytics discipline and possessing hands-on experience with related tools & techniques. He started his data career in HR Analytics where he utilized Power BI and the rest of the Microsoft stack. At the end of 2020, Norbert joined the Tableau #DataFam by participating in various community-driven projects as a free time activity. It was a love-at-first-sight and not so long after, he also started his professional journey using the Tableau product. In the meantime, Norbert received Tableau Public’s ‘Viz of the Day’ recognition 3 times and recently relocated to Germany to support Telefónica’s Global Roaming division in building data analytics practices and business intelligence capabilities in Tableau.