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Valerio Maggio

Developer Advocate
Anaconda (UK)
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Online · English talk

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Data visualisation in the browser with PyScript

PyScript is a new open source framework that enables the creation of rich Python applications in the browser using HTML’s interface and the power of Pyodide, WASM and modern web technologies.

Running Python directly in the browser has the great potential of completely change the way in which Data Science can be delivered and democratised, using browsers as ubiquitous computational platforms.

Data Visualisation is perhaps one of the most impactful scenarios in which PyScript can demostrate its full potential, enabling seamless integrations of the Python/PyData stack with native Javascript libraries (e.g. d3.js<).

In the first part of my talk, I will introduce the core features of PyScript, along with a general description of how it works, and how the project is positioned within front-end technologies’ ecosystem. Afterwards, I will showcase several examples of data-viz apps using multiple libraries, demonstrating how PyScript can bridge the gap between Python and Javascript for complex data use cases.


Valerio Maggio is a Researcher, Data scientist, and fellow at the Software Sustainability Institute, currently working as Developer Advocate at Anaconda. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science with a thesis on Machine Learning for Software Maintainability, and his research addresses a broad range of topics in Data Science, from data processing to reproducible machine learning. Valerio is well versed into open source software, and best software development practice, and he is an active member of the Python community. Over the years Valerio has led the organisation of many international conferences like PyCon/PyData Italy, EuroPython, and EuroSciPy. In his freetime, he is a casual “Magic: The Gathering” wizard, enjoying playing trick premodern combo decks, with highly convoluted combos.