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Hendrik Stumm

Lead Data Engineer
Online · English talk

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Conquering Excel Fortresses @ ZEISS

Excel is still one of the dominating “data warehouse solutions” for business users. In this presentation we will showcase how the BI Accelerator Team conquered an Excel Fortress for Sales Controlling and turned it into a data warehouse solution powered by Microsoft Azure. We will outline which technologies we used and how they are integrated in the daily business of our users while still giving them maximum flexibility on how to structure their data.

Transformation projects are common place and data experts all across the spectrum can benefit from the exciting prospects of technology that becomes more and more available, due to increased awareness and funding in data-driven business. However business users are often left on their own and have to resort to technologies and skills they have access to – which results in excel fortresses.

Tearing down one of these excel fortresses was the leitmotif of the Sales Controlling Dashboard project that the BI accelerator team tackled over the past 6 months in close cooperation with their business partners. This talk will detail the technical solution to challenges posed by this project and how these solutions will impact the next steps towards a complete data domain based infrastructure @ ZEISS


Hendrik Stumm has been working with ZEISS for 6 years now over multiple different fields and departments. He is the Lead Data Engineer at the BI Accelerator department. In that role he supports all the BI teams at ZEISS in their Mission to transform ZEISS into a hyperintelligent organization that derives business value from data & analytics. The BI Teams have been working with Microsoft and Azure over the past 2 years to transform their data organization to the next level.

In his free time he enjoys tinkering with Computers, Data and Software and playing video games.