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Sarah Bartlett

Tableau Enablement Consultant
Red Hat (UK)
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In-person · English talk

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How to design dashboards that drive action and deliver value

How often have you delivered dashboards for stakeholders that weren’t adopted? Or perhaps analysts have built dashboards for you that simply missed the mark. All too often, dashboards fail to deliver what we need most – actionable insights.

In this talk, Sarah will cover a tried and tested approach to designing dashboards that exceed expectations and drive action. She’ll cover ways to segment users and involve them in the development process, as well as design techniques that can help to create actionable dashboards which inform data-driven decisions.


Sarah Bartlett is a Tableau Enablement Consultant at Red Hat where she works on the Tableau Centre of Excellence team. She has been working in analytics for over 12 years and is passionate about internal community building and user enablement. In 2018, Sarah competed on stage at Iron Viz Europe and the experience prompted her to launch #IronQuest, a community-led data visualisation initiative designed to prepare individuals for the Iron Viz feeder competitions.

Sarah is a 3 x Tableau Visionary (formally known as Zen Master), a 5 x Tableau Ambassador and is passionate about welcoming newcomers to the Tableau Community. In her spare time, Sarah co-leads the London Tableau User Group and is also a Data Leadership Collaborative board member.