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Lilla Rasztik

Lead BI Analyst
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In-person · English talk

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Viz what you love – how to kick-off your Tableau Public portfolio today

Are you a visualization expert, who ever felt stuck between cross-tables and Excel export requests? Do you feel a similar joy in vizzing to the time when you started your career?

In this talk I will summarize my motivations to start a Tableau Public portfolio and guide you through the 7 implementation steps of my latest visualization.

Down the road you will be equipped with resources for community challenges, data sources and visualization tutorials which can support you to start and viz what you love!


Lilla Rasztik graduated Eötvös Lorand University with a specialization in survey statistics. She started her carrier at GraviTalent as a data analyst, later on she worked at Lensa and Innostart. She has been strengthening the Epam’s team for 5 years now.