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Krisztina Szűcs

Award-winning Data Visualization Designer (HU)
Twitter · krisztinaszucs.com
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Animated Sports Results

How Krisztina created this collection of animated gifs for various sport matches and events. The “timeline triangles” visualization works with several sport disciplines when teams or individuals win by scoring goals or points. Observe how close the match was, when did a side fall behind, and when they turned it around. In swimming gifs you can compare all results (final, semifinal and heat) in one animation. It’s less important how the other athletes are doing in the pool; athletes are rather competing against themselves and want to swim their best time. This project has been shortlisted for the 2022 Information is Beautiful Awards.


Krisztina is a Budapest-based Data Visualization Designer, creating visualizations since 2012. Her primary focus is data visualization but she also practices UI and UX design. She won an Information is Beautiful Award in 2019 for an experimental chart creator tool, PlotParade.com.