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Bridget Cogley

Cofounder & CVO
Versalytix (USA)
LinkedIn · Twitter · bridgetcogley.com
Online · English talk

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Putting Functional Aesthetics to Work

Struggling to take your data visualizations to the next level? This talk explores the interplay between what we see (perception), what information is encoded (semantics), and what we mean (intent). Combined, this triad creates a powerful subsystem we call “functional aesthetics” as a way of using beauty and form to guide and support function.


Business is complex enough. Gaining insights shouldn’t be.

Bridget Cogley background:

  • Chief Visualization Officer with over a decade of experience working in data
  • Coauthor of “Functional Aesthetics in Data Visualization” published by Wiley in 2022
  • Hall of Fame Tableau Visionary & Former Social Ambassador
  •  Interdisciplinary professional working at the intersections of AI, ML, and NLP with data visualization
  • Former interpreter bridging the gap in ethics and data use

Her results:

  • Cofounded global trusted analytics enabler to provide consulting, staffing, and application development
  • Recognized by Tableau Software for mastery, mentorship, and collaboration for the last 6 years: 1 of 14 Tableau Hall of Fame Visionaries
  • Helped companies worldwide realize the art of the possible in Tableau through rapid prototyping, data strategy, and introducing discourse analysis to speech analytics
  • Completed Tableau Desktop 8 & 9 Qualified Associate, first level of credentials from Tableau’s certification system, with experience dating back to 2010 (Desktop 6.0).