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Shazeera Ahmad Zawawi

Senior Adviser, Research and Innovation
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Data Storytelling from sketches to Tableau

Bringing your own creativity and artistry to data storytelling can nurture new insights into topics that you love, produce engaging narrative and potentially a different approach to your dashboard design. Find out how I tell my data stories and apply my own creativity and ethos to data visualisation and how Tableau as a versatile platform could cultivate your artistic side.


Shazeera Ahmad Zawawi is a Tableau Public Ambassador and Featured Author. She is passionate about art and data visualisation and loves to explore and implement new ideas.

As a human rights advocate and lawyer, she has 18 years of professional experience in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Timor-Leste. She is also a published comic artist and illustrator whose art addresses human rights issues, her journey navigating mental illness, and sometimes, her mischievous cat Minou.

Having recently discovered her newfound passion for data visualisation, she now combines her illustrations and data visualisation to tell stories particularly those that rarely receive public attention. It is her hope that these stories will enrich her own and others’ worldviews, one visualisation at a time.