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Krisztián Szabó

Data journalist
Átlátszó, ATLO (HU)
Twitter · szabokrisztian.me
In-person · English talk

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Show, don’t tell: basic rules of good data design

This is a chord… this is another… this is a third. NOW FORM A BAND. Simon Rogers, founder of The Guardian’s Datablog parallels the principles of making a punk band with the modern state of making data visualisations: as data and the visualisation tools are abundant in this new technological age, one can easily make their own charts with a few clicks. One might argue that the job is well done after showing your data as a chart, it serves its purpose as it is. But there are steps after this that are just as important, if not more so: not only we have to show our data, but we have to make it look good, so our readers are also willing to read it, even remember it. My presentation will be about these steps – the basic rules of designing our visualisations.


Krisztián Szabó is a data journalist from Hungary. Since 2020 he has been working as a data journalist at Átlátszó, an online investigative news site where he is currently the editor of the data column. He also makes data-heavy, interactive visualisations on ATLO, a site created by Átlátszó with Attila Bátorfy who introduced him to the world of data visualisations three years ago. Currently, his main interest is static visualisation design.