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Sr. BI and Tableau Consultant
Leaseplan (NL)
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Elevating your dashboard design by combining
Tableau and Figma

When you see some mind-blowing dashboards as Viz of the Day and wonder how these guys made this tailored chart and visuals? The answer is most of them was created on Figma and deployed to Tableau. Figma is relatively a straightforward design prototyping tool. First, brainstorm and think over the facts and visuals you would like to present. Then make a prototype in Figma and upload the image to Tableau and create the interactive charts.


Tímea is an economist turned data vizzer, working in data analytics for over 9 years. She is passionate about the mission of Data + Women and fostering data community. Other than Tableau, she is an enthusiastic of Python, Alteryx and Procreate. In 2022 she created her own platform, the Data Unicorn.