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Edit Gyenge

Information designer
Egas Studio (RO)
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Making the invisible visible

Key idea: Making abstract concepts perceptible through data visualization.

Emotions, ideas, hope, and happiness are examples of abstract concepts that have no physical or spatial constraints because they have no direct representation in the physical world. They are hard to explain and usually generate a great amount of debate and so much literature, but can we turn these abstract concepts into something perceptible to the eye, and more importantly, useful in acquiring knowledge? How can transposing these concepts into insightful data visualizations help the community at large?

Tools I will be talking about: Flourish Studio, Tableau Public, Datawrapper, Rawgraphs, Affinity Designer


Edit is an Information designer and entrepreneur based in Bucharest. She worked as a journalist and as a communication consultant for over 10 years. Her passion for information design drove her to found her own company (Egas Studio). She is actively developing static and interactive data visualization projects for business clients, NGOs, and media outlets. Some of her biggest media projects are published in Panorama.ro, where she is the author of the Infographics section.

This year, her portfolio was shortlisted at the Sigma Data Journalism Awards. Also, her work has been shortlisted for this year’s Information is Beautiful Awards.

She loves making information design creative and enjoyable while communicating valuable messages. Her focus is on social dynamics, social change, and humanizing abstract data.