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Data visualization with Javascript using D3.js


Take your first steps with the most flexible of all data visualization libraries. In this one-day workshop, you will learn the basics of D3.js while creating an interactive dashboard.


  • level: Beginner
  • Software requirements:
  • Knowledge: Basic programming or web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) skills are not mandatory but will make your learning experience easier!


We will cover the following topics during the 2×80 minutes tutorial:

  • Manipulating the DOM
  • Handling data
  • Working with SVG shapes
  • Building basic charts
  • Adding interactivity


Anne-Marie Dufour

Data Visualization Engineer, PingThings
LinkedIn · delightfuldata.art

With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Frontend Development, Anne-Marie specialized in Data Visualization to combine her love for science, coding, design, and teaching. She co-authored the third edition of D3.js in Action and works as a Data Visualization Engineer at PingThings.