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Guardians of the Star Schema

Are your visuals only reacting very slowly to changes of filters? Are you suffering from the “DAX-is-complicated” syndrome? Is the model view very crowdy? All of these symptoms are very common, if your data model is not in the shape of a star schema. In Power BI you should always first start with a star schema, before you start your adventure into more complicated challenges. Luckily, transforming any data model into a star schema is not as complicated as it might sound: Assign attributes to either a fact or dimension table, normalize the fact table, denormalize the dimension tables, add a date table, transform blanks and flags into meaningful descriptions, resolve hierarchies into dedicated columns – and you are on your best way to become a Guardian of the Star Schema.

Markus will also be a speaker on November 21. For more details please visit this site.


Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen

CEO & BI Architect, Savory Data
LinkedIn · savorydata.com

Markus Ehrenmuller-Jensen is the founder of Savory Data and works as a project leader, data engineer and BI architect since 1994. He is an educated software-engineer, graduated business educator and professor for databases and project engineering at HTL Leonding (technical college) and certified as MCSE Data Platform and MCSE Business Intelligence.

Markus speaks regularly on international conferences (eg. SQL PASS Summit, SQLBits London, Power Platform Worldtour, SQL Saturdays, SQL Days, SQL PASS Austria, …) and writes articles for well-known journals. In 2013 he co-founded SQL PASS Austria and in 2016 Power Platform Usergroup Austria and organizes SQL Saturdays in Vienna since 2014. For his technical leadership in the community he was awarded repeatedly as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP since 2017.