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Optimize data preparation with Power Query Best Practices


Data preparation is a fundamental part of data modelling. This is a hands-on session where you can follow along the step on a prepared dataset.


Best if you have a basic understand of the Power BI query editor.


In this 80 minutes session we will explore best practices to make your data transformations:

  • robust = fewer refresh failures
  • leaner = smaller dataset size
  • dynamic = automatically adjust to data changes
  • cleaner = better data quality
  • structured = easier to understand and debug


Mihály Kávási

Group Manager, Avanade
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Coming from Business Mihály Kávási is an expert in the field of Data Analysis and Business Analysis.
His main interest is to be a real good connector between IT and Business and between raw data and actionable insights.

His current roles are Project Technical Lead, Solution Architect, Data Governance Expert, Self-Service BI Evangelist.

Certified Trainer since 2018, Fast Track Recognized Solution Architect for Power BI since 2021.