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Ben Ferry

Senior Data Analyst
International University of Applied Sciences (DE)
LinkedIn · Youtube
November 22 · Online · English talk

Getting creative with Deneb

Once you understand the basics of Deneb, you are ready to get building some visuals. But what can you built, and how do you build visualisations that aren’t just slightly more interesting bar charts?

This session will teach you how to take your Deneb skills to the next level.

Using vega-lite expressions and a bit of creativity, we will walk through the steps of how to take your ideas and develop them into creative Power BI visualisations.


Ben is a Senior Data Analyst, specialising in Power BI.

Gathering experience of Power BI since 2016, working with MNCs to small companies, from Power BI trainings to managing large scale roll-outs, report design to Power BI governance, Ben has a range of knowledge of the entire Power BI infrastructure. The two areas that Ben enjoys the most on a daily basis are Power Query and Deneb; first get that data clean, then use vega-lite to bring an extra something to visual design that out of the box visuals just can’t deliver.

He has a Power BI YouTube channel, delivering content about whatever it is he’s finding interesting in Power BI in that moment. He also hosts informal weekly live chats with people from everywhere within the Power BI community.

As a person who has a ‘non-standard’ entry to the world of data and analytics, my objective is to uncomplicate the seemingly complex, and make everything accessible.