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Daniel Marsh-Patrick

Founder & Principal Consultant
Coacervo (NZ)
November 22 · Online · English talk

Deneb: Declarative Visualization in Power BI

Deneb is a certified custom visual for Power BI that lets you create your own bespoke visuals right inside Desktop using either the Vega or Vega-Lite visualization grammars. Visuals can be prototyped and iteratively developed using their declarative JSON-based languages and this provides a ‘code-like’ experience where you are not constrained to a specific type of chart.

Whilst this methodology is more in-line with the inbuilt R & Python visuals, Deneb addresses several shortcomings with those approaches where integration or deployment are concerned – providing support for interactivity, publish to web, mobile reports and exporting to PDF – running anywhere a certified custom visual can.

In this session, we will provide a short introduction to the visual and highlight some of the key features.


During his career across the UK and New Zealand, Daniel has been helping drive enterprise-wide solutions through process and software engineering; predominantly through Business Intelligence (BI), data visualisation and software integration.

He is extremely passionate about the Microsoft BI stack, particularly Power BI, and has been delivering Power BI solutions since 2014. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, a contributor of free and open-source custom visuals to the Power BI Marketplace, a Power BI Community Super User and regularly presents and blogs on a variety of Power BI subjects. Daniel is also an industry partner with DiscoverEI, transforming environmental data into decisions.

Daniel aims to empower people with the knowledge and tools to make their workdays easier by using software and/or common sense to eliminate the tedious bits. He enjoys sharing the knowledge he has gained with anyone that has the inspiration and desire to learn these skills for themselves.