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Gordon Shotwell

Software Engineer
Posit PBC (USA)
LinkedIn · shotwell.ca
November 22 · Remote · English talk

Performant dashboards with Shiny for Python

BI applications often start simple, but grow in complexity as usage grows. Many frameworks can’t handle this type of complexity which means that you may need to redevelop your application in another framework as demands for your application grows. Shiny for Python is built around a fast, elegant execution engine which means that your app can grow from a simple product that you can develop in an afternoon, to a complex mission-critical web application. This talk will go through what Shiny for Python is, how it works, and why its worth exploring.


Gordon Shotwell has been developing BI applications for the past twelve years. He has worked with Looker, Tableau, Power BI and Shiny and is currently a Software Engineer on the Shiny for Python team at Posit PBC.