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Gregor Brunner

Measure Killer (CH)
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November 21 · In-person · English talk

Klaus Jürgen Folz

Senior Developer
Measure Killer (CH)
November 21 · In-person · English talk

Optimize and clean golden datasets in Power BI

Once we publish datasets and reports and our tenant starts to grow, it can get harder and harder to see which data is actually in use. Golden datasets are a central piece of every BI architecture and can consume a lot of processing power and memory in a Power BI Premium capacity. So far, we have very limited options to optimize these datasets. With the latest version of “Measure Killer”, an external tool for Microsoft Power BI, we can analyze artifacts in the service. Measure Killer will find all reports connected to a dataset and analyze which columns and measures are used in which report. It will also identify the part of the data model that is not used at all. Measure Killer lets you clean your model in an automated way (deleting unused measures and columns) and can generate a detailed documentation of your model and report. The actions outlined above will improve performance, reduce refresh times and thus help you optimize your Power BI tenant. This session is meant for any Power BI admin, developer or architect. You will learn how to optimize a centralized dataset in your Power BI tenant.


Gregor Brunner has a background in Economics but moved into Business Intelligence in 2016. Originally from Austria, he moved to Switzerland in 2020 and started Brunner BI, a boutique IT company that specializes in Microsoft Power BI development and consulting.

Klaus Jürgen Folz is a Senior Power BI Developer with a background in Mechanical Engineering with an affinity for data acquisition and business intelligence.
He has lots of practical experience in data visualization, as well as in development with Power BI, Python, DAX and C++ and actively participated in the creation and development of the Measure Killer.