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Grzegorz Strzyminski

Power BI Consultant & Trainer, Senior BI Developer
Kearney (PL)
November 22 · Remote · English talk

Level up UX by leveraging advanced DAX

You’ve faced this – you gathered precise business requirements, designed efficient data ingestion into a carefully crafted star-schema, authored state of art DAX and beautiful visuals – all to receive a ‘meeeh’ from the client because they can’t properly see the data label on the highest column in the column chart. Or because they picked a product from the product slicer only to face a completely blank report page and find out that this product isn’t actually sold in the currently selected country.

I’ve been there too. And while putting a background in the data label solved the first problem mentioned at first (at least partly), I realized that this is not the ultimate solution we want to aim for. Neither was enabling a bi-directional relationship to fix the second problem.

Throughout my Power BI journey I’ve faced a number of these issues, all of them having two traits in common: they heavily hindered User Experience and could be solved by a bit of smart DAX. During the session I’ll share these challenges and solutions to help you tie up the last loose ends in your report. And impress your client – be the client external or your boss.

After the session you will be able to:

  • Improve the scaling of charts
  • Create visuals with custom labels using different approaches
  • Limit the number of options in slicers to only those available in current context without resorting to bi-directional relationships

Before you join this session it would be great if you have a good understanding of DAX concepts and dimensional modelling in Power BI.


Grzegorz (feel free to call him Greg) is a Senior BI Developer at Kearney Warsaw. He serves as a Power BI technical Team Lead for the Business Intelligence team in Poland.

He has proved his lecturing and teaching skills by running Power BI community events as well as internal trainings at Kearney at all levels, ranging in audience size from 5 to 250. Greg has been leading a number of Power BI workshops aimed at experienced professionals, students as well people willing to explore the art of possible in Business Intelligence. He has experience at conveying his knowledge at various levels, ranging from beginner to expert.

Greg holds a number of Microsoft Certifications including Power BI – related ones: PL-300, DA-100 and 70-778.