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Marco Russo

BI consultant and mentor
LinkedIn · sqlbi.com
November 21 · In-person · English talk

DAX Studio crash course

If you use DAX for any reason, you must use DAX Studio, a free open open-source tool you cannot afford to ignore. See what you can do with this tool and why it can increase your productivity by writing, debugging, and optimizing DAX code.
You must know DAX to attend this session. Previous painful experiences working with the DAX formula editor in Power BI, Visual Studio, and Power Pivot are suggested, but not necessary. Even though you already use DAX Studio, you might discover some hidden gems, too!


Marco will also have a workshop on November 20. For more details please visit this site.


Marco is a business intelligence consultant and mentor. He wrote several books about Power BI, Analysis Service, and Power Pivot. He also regularly write articles and white papers that are available on sqlbi.com. Marco is a Microsoft MVP and an SSAS Maestro, the highest level of certification on Microsoft Analysis Services.
Today, Marco focuses his time with SQLBI customers, traveling extensively to train and consult on DAX and data modeling for Power BI and Analysis Services. Marco also teaches public classes worldwide.
Marco is a regular speaker at international conferences. He also enjoys delivering evening sessions at local user groups during his trips.