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Marjolein Opsteegh

Business Consultant, Power BI Visualization specialist
Inergy (NL)
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November 22 · Online · English talk

What did I learn from 26 dashboard challenges?

After participating in 26 dashboard competitions, it is now my mission to convince as many people as possible of the power of dashboard competitions. Far too often I encounter people who have started a competition dashboard but have not submitted it. They are too insecure, their dashboards are not nice enough, not good enough, or they are simply not ready for it yet. While most people will probably never be ready for it in their own eyes.

During the session, I will discuss the what, how, and why to participate in these competitions. I’ll show you why participating makes you stronger and what you should pay attention to if you actually do participate. To make the session more interactive, I will show polls in between and a demo of an effective challenge portfolio.

This session is intended for beginning Power BI developers but is also very suitable for more experienced developers who don’t like to show their work to others either.


With a background in B-to-B pricing, Marjolein has spent years using her analytical skills to determine the perfect price levels. Her discovery of Power BI marked a turning point in her career, after which she moved into consultancy at Inergy. In recent years she has specialized in developing dashboards that are distinguished by their clear and well-arranged design. Her expertise lies in working with clients to transform raw data into valuable insights, selecting the perfect visuals to present a compelling story ready for action. As a passionate Business Intelligence enthusiast, Marjolein regularly participates in global dashboard challenges. Her skills and dedication have taken her to the finals several times. Her enthusiasm is contagious; she likes to inspire and guide others in their learning process, and helps them to apply the acquired knowledge in their daily work. In recognition of her contribution to the community, she was honorably inducted into Maven’s Hall of Fame in 2021.