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Mathias Thierbach

Data Platform MVP & Power BI Contributor
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November 21 · In-person · English talk

Power BI CI/CD Options in 2023

As Power BI is being adopted by more and more businesses, there is a growing number of technical data management teams finding themselves with a desire to implement DevOps/DataOps principles and practices as part of their delivery process. CI/CD pipelines are an integral part of those systems, and for a long time Power BI was lacking suitable CI/CD capabilities. This situation has changed significantly in 2023, and several viable solutions are now available, both from Microsoft as well as from external tools.
This session provides an annotated overview of the Power BI CI/CD landscape in 2023. Looking at datasets, reports and other workspace artifacts, attendees will learn which options are available and what it takes to implement them. Advantages and disadvantages are explained as well as licensing requirements.
Mathias is uniquely qualified to present this topic: His open-source tool, pbi-tools, pioneered source control and CI/CD capabilities for Power BI. Earlier in 2023, Mathias contributed the new TMDL declarative data modeling language to Power BI, specifically to enhance the ability manage Power BI projects with DevOps tooling and enable enterprise-level collaboration scenarios. For anyone getting started with CI/CD for their Power BI projects as well as existing practitioners interested in updating their technical understanding of today’s capabilities, this session is a must.


In 2015, after having spent over ten years as a Software Developer and Architect with Microsoft technologies, Mathias Thierbach moved into the Microsoft BI space. He soon landed on Power BI, but also realized quickly that the development and engineering tools and practices were nothing like the ones well established in software development. This is how pbi-tools started as a project, the only complete source control solution for Power BI. During seven years of leading a data management team at YouGov, he experienced the benefits of those efforts every day. Having open sourced the project in fall of 2021, Mathias spends a lot of his free time bringing source control and DevOps practices to the wider Power BI community now. In addition to his open source engagements, Mathias cares deeply about his role as an enterprise technology leader. Like many, once having started as a single contributor technologist, he had to pivot significantly when he moved into a manager role, responsible for building, stabilizing and growing a team of data engineers, analysts and architects. Mathias is now passionately sharing the many experiences and learnings that came out of that journey with the community.