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Paddy Mullen

Creator & Maintainer
Buckaroo-data (US)
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November 22 · Online · English talk

Exploratory data analysis with Buckaroo

The open source Buckaroo Data table is designed to expedite the most data analysis tasks in Jupyter and pandas.

Buckaroo makes it intuitive to perform the most first task in data analysis – looking at the actual data with a modern performant table that scrolls and allows sorting. It adds summary stats, histograms, auto cleaning, and a low code UI. The presentation will demonstrate this and walk attendees through customizing Buckaroo to their own analysis workflow.

The talk is relevant to all experience levels. Buckaroo is useful for beginners and experts alike. Experts are going to be more interested in customizing buckaroo.


Paddy Mullen is an experienced full stack developer. He was an early employee at Anaconda where he contributed to the Bokeh charting library. He has built data tools and lead teams at a variety of companies including Tudor Investment Corp and Flatfile. He started working on Buckaroo in early 2023.