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Tamás Polner

Principal PM Manager
Microsoft (US)
November 22 · Remote · English talk

The world’s first Fabric implementationa

Microsoft’s Azure Data Engineering has introduced Microsoft Fabric in May 2023. During the development of Fabric, the data engineering team responsible for the internal reporting and analytics capabilities of the organization has gone on a journey on rearchitecting their infrastructure based on Fabric in parallel with the product’s development. During this “dogfooding” process the analytics team has continuously provided feedback to the engineering leaders, working on identifying and prioritizing key capabilities for customer adoption and also working on measuring performance of the newly developed services in real life implementations. As customer 0, the organization migrated its internal analytics infrastructure to Fabric, and during the session the learnings and the process of migration will be shared with a wider audience for the first time. The session will introduce the infrastructure built on a lakehouse architecture as well as the migration steps from the previous Synapse based implementation.


Tamás Polner is a Principal Program Manager in Microsoft’s Azure Data engineering organization and previously in Power BI, leading a technical team on developing and operating the team’s internal analytics infrastructure. Beside running a world class analytics environment, the team is continuously implementing new product and service capabilities to provide real world implementation feedback to the product engineering leaders.