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Roland Szirmai

BI-Lingual Analytics
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November 22 · Online · English talk

How to reduce costs & build new analytics capabilities in Power BI with Power Automate

There are lots of steps involved in a modern BI workflow before users can draw insights from the data available. Most of these steps are usually very dull and may not require an experienced and expensive resource to complete them. This means that without proper automatization in the process, organizations are burning cash on human resources that could be utilized better.

This is where Power Automate can help report developers and end users. With the help of this fantastic tool, creators can automate certain steps in the data acquisition, cleansing, and usage steps. If you think that your company has processes where automation could bring some savings, join in for this intro session to BI automation using Power Automate.


Roland Szirmai is an Analyst with 10+ years of experience in Financial, Commercial, and Operational reporting. Roland creates reports to express the true meaning behind numbers in an understandable way using modern tools such as Microsoft Power BI.
He uses his skill, knowledge, and expertise in Excel, Power Query, DAX, and Data Visualisation to help organizations transform from assumptions and guesswork to more informed, data-driven decisions making.
Roland is the creator of BI-Lingual Analytics a YouTube channel and blog dedicated to helping non-technical people learn more about and master Power BI.
People can find useful guides and videos on how to use this tool and sometimes just fun data-related articles. It’s all about helping business users to master Power BI and analytics – without too much IT involved.