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Thomas Hütter

Explorer of Data
November 22 · Online · English talk

50 ways to show your data

„A picture is worth a thousand words“ – well, that is especially true when it comes to analyzing data. Visualization is the quick and easy way to uncover the big ‘picture’ in your data and the R ecosystem has a lot to offer in this regard.

They may not add up to exactly 50, but in this session I’ll show you lots of compelling visualizations produced with the help of the ggplot2 package and friends – and their usual small effort of code. We will start beyond the usual bar, line or scatter plots.

Instead our screen will show diagrams that always made you think „How do they do that?“. We will see waterfall diagrams, violins, parliament diagrams, marginal histograms, maps and more… and you’ll get the code to reproduce everything.


Thomas Hütter holds a degree in Business Economics, but has been a data explorer and a developer at heart ever since the days of dBase and Turbo Pascal. He touched his first SQL Server at V6.5 and used covering indexes before they became a feature.

Thomas has been developing in Navision/Dynamics/Business Central systems for quite some time (since 2001, one year before MS acquired Navision), joined PASS in 2006, got his hands on R in 2014 (the year before MS bought Revolution Analytics) and on the Power Platform from 2020 on. He has worked for ISVs as well as end-user companies, as a developer, consultant, accidental data engineer and is an author for data-related articles as well as a speaker at data events across Europe.