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Improve Power BI performance by optimizing DAX

When you create a Power BI report, you might hit some performance issues when you have a large amount of data, complex data models, or complex DAX expression in your measures. The first goal of this tutorial is to discover possible bottlenecks analyzing the execution of DAX calculations using tools such as DAX Studio and VertiPaq Analyzer. You see how to capture and read essential information from a DAX query plan. With this knowledge, the next step is to evaluate different strategies to improve query performance. During this training, you learn the most common patterns that could have performance issues and possible workarounds to solve them.

The  2×80 minutes training is delivered as a seminar, and the content is very dense. You can try the same techniques on your notebook during the course, but you should consider getting notes during the seminar and practice later.
The goal is to optimize the report execution and not the refresh time. Thus, this training only considers the performance of DAX expressions and does not cover refresh operation performance related to M code in Query Editor.

The examples are in Power BI, but you can also apply the concept of this training to Power Pivot, Analysis Services Tabular, and Azure Analysis Services.


Marco will also be a speaker on November 21. For more details please visit this site.


Marco Russo

BI consultant and mentor, SQLBI
LinkedIn · sqlbi.com

Marco Russo wrote several books about DAX and data modeling for Power BI and Analysis Service with Alberto Ferrari. Marco regularly publishes new content on sqlbi.com and teaches DAX around the world.